MBBS in Germany

Study MBBS in Germany for Indian Students : Fees & Admission

Do you want to know the perks and the details of going to Germany to study MBBS? Here is a guide that will let you know how MBBS in Germany will be a good choice for you. Pursuing an MBBS degree in Germany comes at an affordable price and higher quality. It has become a much-desired choice for many medical students worldwide who are passionate about studying medicine. The quality of education that students receive at the universities of Germany and the experience during the entire course will make the further career pathway perfect for academic achievements and job opportunities. As a country that prides itself on a globally and modern valued medical system, Germany has the best MBBS schools in the world to have a good reputation. So if you are deciding to study MBBS in a medical college in Germany, you should expect a very tough competition. It has been realized that studying MBBS in Germany is a very common choice for many students. This is because the education packages in Germany are extremely low. Also, aspirants must be surprised to know that some of the top medical colleges are approved by NMC. They provide top-notch education and students get the perfect exposure.

MBBS Duration in Germany

The MBBS course in Germany lasts for 6 years and 3 months. But as the MBBS course in Germany is taught in the German language, the ones who are not known to this language need one more year to prepare for this language before stepping into the regular course. Therefore, it would take 7 years and 3 months to complete the course.

There are four main stages of MBBS in Germany:

  1. Stage – 1 (2 years or 4 semesters)

    During stage 1, students are introduced to some major essential topics and concepts in medicine. For example, the basics of human anatomy are needed for further improvement in medicine. Students will be sitting for the MBBS degree examination tests as the Arztliche Prufung or Examination for Physicians when this stage ends.

  2. Stage – 2 (3 Years or 6 Semesters – Clinical Stage)

    This is the end of the clinical-stage that lasts for 3 years till the 5th semester in the MBBS course. The stage 2 leads are the start of the second round of the Examination of the Physicians. This is one of the essential sections of the medical course in Germany as aspirants will be taught about core topics and concepts in the field of medicine. At the same time, they participate a lot of times in the environment of the hospital.

  3. Stage – 3 (1year and three months)- Practical Year

    After all the rounds are completed successfully candidates are going to enter the final stage of the MBBS journey in Germany. Candidates will participate in real-life training for a year where they will put their knowledge and skills into practice.

  4. Stage – 4 State Examination and Approbation

    This is the final step that helps to become a recognized medical practitioner in Germany. Here in this stage, the main intention is to acquire the practical and theoretical skills to be a doctor. In this stage, you will also get a license to practice to work as a doctor. This license is known as a Berufserlaubnis in Germany or Approbation. It is legitimate for your entire life.

Medium of Teaching MBBS in Germany

The medium of teaching MBBS in Germany is German and English. If an aspirant is not aware of the German language then it takes them one more extra year to complete the MBBS degree than usual in Germany.


Students from all over the world prefer Germany to study MBBS. Students will get admission in the month of September and February sessions for MBBS in Germany.

Eligibility Criteria

Germany is one of the preferred locations for students all over the world to pursue their MBBS degrees. If you want to pursue the MBBS degree in Germany then there are some of the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil. Check the criteria below:

Particular Description
Minimum qualification 50% in 10+2
Age The age of the candidate should be at least 17 years. There is no upper age limit.
Qualification Candidates must complete higher secondary education with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology stream.
Admission February and September session
Qualifying Entrance NEET
TOEFL Required
IELTS Required
NEET Compulsory
Language Proficiency German B2

Documents Required

When a candidate wishes to pursue MBBS in Germany, it is mandatory to apply for the visa at least prior to three months. There are certain documents that are required to process the German visa and also to get admission to the MBBS university in Germany.

  1. Passport size photos – ten each
  2. Photocopy of 10th, 12th, and 1st-year Graduation Marksheet – ten copies each. They shall be attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  3. Photocopies of Passport – ten copies each
  4. Copy of proof of payment for paying the fees in the MBBS University, if applicable
  5. Recommendation Letters – two
  6. Proof of language proficiency in German and/or English
  7. Photocopies of school leaving certificate – ten copies each

Admission Procedure

The steps mentioned below will help you to know how to apply to a university in Germany for studying MBBS.

  1. You can let us fill the application form or get it filled by yourself
  2. Submit all the copies of your original documents by scanning them. For example, Passport.
  3. You will receive the admission letter directly from the MBBS university, within a span of eight working days.
  4. Once the admission gets confirmed, it is time for the immigration procedure to initiate.
  5. Upon receiving the admission letter, visit the German Embassy.
  6. Make sure to double-check and evaluate. Also, make sure to authenticate all the documents before you apply for the visa.

Why Study MBBS From Germany?

Pursuing an MBBS degree in Germany is a very good choice if you’re searching for new courses, innovative teaching concepts in the field of medicine. Also if you want to access a well-networked community, there is no better place than Germany. Apart from all these advantages, Germany gives a lot of financial benefits: near-zero tuition fees, cheap accommodation, free traveling, and internship opportunities with a good stipend. It is also convenient to settle in Germany after studying MBBS. It also opens opportunities to the entire European  Union. Here are a few reasons to study MBBS in Germany:

  1. Cost-Effective

    Germany is a renowned country known for charging zero fees and the MBBS course in Germany is not an exception. The average cost of pursuing an MBBS degree ranges from 5 to 11 lakhs per year. Moreover, a candidate can also earn a yearly stipend or as an intern of €20,000 to €30,000. The cost of accommodation in this country is cheap when on-campus accommodation is considered in the maximum of the universities. There is also a free travelling service for students studying in Germany.

  2. World Recognised

    The MBBS universities of Germany are one of the renowned universities in the world. They have one of the best-in-class education, dynamic, and modern equipment atmospheres. These universities are recognized by WHO- World Health Organization, UN- United Nations, and NMC- Medical Council of India. They provide good practical learning with updated practices and modern technologies.

  3. EU Flexibility

    Candidates get better flexibility while pursuing MBBS in Germany because it opens the door to new jobs. It provides job prospects in the EU countries as well. Since Germany is in the EU, therefore a graduate moves very comfortably all across the EU except for any restriction.

  4. Increased Vacancies

    When a candidate is studying MBBS in Germany, he/she has a significant demand in the field of medicine. It is also increased as the degree in the MBBS universities in Germany is valid in the sister EU countries. Therefore the opportunities of jobs of students pursuing MBBS from Germany are immense. A student also becomes eligible for applying for a work permit after completing the MBBS degree from Germany.

  5. Study in English

    When you decide to pursue medicine in Germany, then many universities in the place also accept the application request. It is not mandatory for the students to know German when applying to certain universities in Germany. But the English proficiency test is mandatory. Proficiency in German is an added advantage.

Recognition of Medical Universities

The following organizations recognize the MBBS universities in Germany:

  1. Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)
  2. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  3. World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. Foundation for Advancement of International
  5. United Nations Organization (UNO)

Advantages of MBBS in Germany

Some of the advantages of studying MBBS in Germany are:

  1. No capitalization fee required
  2. Broad exposure and wide range of possibilities to clinical practice due to the multi-profile hospitals with highly equipped facilities
  3. Tuition fee is affordable and low
  4. Indian students who get admitted to the universities are recognized by the NMC
  5. Some of the elite bodies like NMC and WHO acknowledge the medical colleges in Germany
  6. The medical courses follow the mode of English language
  7. The medical universities provide great sports and academics
  8. The colleges do not ask for donation during the time of MBBS admission
  9. The degree from the MBBS university holds great worth and is globally renowned.
  10. Students get the opportunity for practical training
  11. The accommodations in the hostels are comfortable
  12. Students are eligible for working in the government after completion of the course.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Germany

Some of the local disadvantages of studying MBBS in Germany are:

  1. German is the local language in Germany, and sometimes students feel that learning the language is a barrier.
  2. The process of applying for a visa can sometimes be callous. It takes more than two months for the concerned embassy to process the documentation.
  3. Students dislike putting extra effort into learning the German language after the MBBS class hour.
  4. Those who want to study and work at the same time might find it difficult to cope up
  5. Germany has very cold weather.

Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities are very limited in Germany. But the on-campus accommodations are cheap.

Why Choose Us?

Eklavya Overseas is preferred by students for many reasons. Some of the reasons to select us are:

  1. We are a professional institute
  2. We have a very good success rate
  3. Our visa success rate is very high
  4. Our assistance will give you confidence
  5. Get overall guidance

FAQ for MBBS Study in Germany

Ques.1 Is it required to appear for NEET to study MBBS in Germany?

Ans. Yes, it is required to appear for NEET to study MBBS in Germany with 60% minimum marks.

Ques.2 Is it possible to work while studying MBBS in Germany?

Ans. It is not advised to work along with studying MBBS in Germany as the course requires full dedication for 6 years.

Ques.3 Is MBBS in germany safe for Indian Students?

Ans. Germany is one of the safest countries in the world for Indian students as the crime rates are very low. It also has a low rate of discrimination.

Ques.4 Does a student require to know German to Study MBBS in Germany?

Ans. It is not mandatory to know the German language but it all depends upon the course and the medical college.

Ques.5 Are IELTS and TOEFL required to Study MBBS In Germany?

Ans. Yes, IELTS and TOEFL are required to study MBBS in Germany.